We Provide

Here at Stretto Music Academy, we believe in inspiring children to achieve their dreams of performing music. No matter what level of skill or age you are, we will provide the guidance and the ability to bring your child to a next level in their music performances.

All our instructors have many years of experience in teaching and are also are some of the most sought after performers in Klang Valley. We have a resident string quartet named ‘Strettosphere’ which provide music performance for events.

We understand that it can be daunting to choose what instrument to learn. Our team of professionals will give you guidance and a free trial class to help with the initial process of choosing an instrument and course that suits you the best.

As a music student of many years, it can be challenging to maintain sustained interest. Teacher Sue Shen connects with me on an emotional level and in her I found a teacher I really respect and will always remember how she make me feel. The smallest details like making eye contact can show us her strong sense of comfort, empathy and understanding. She is also a great communicator of knowledge. She is a highly effective teacher that keeps her concepts at the highest level but the explanation short and incredibly clear.

Erin Pung

I learned many things throughout the years with my teacher, Teacher Sue Shen. Her explanations are very short and easy to understand. In class, we do not only have regular lesson, but we also share our experiences together. This way, we can get to know each other more. As a student, I find it very enjoyable and fun in class every time. Teacher Sue Shen is a very fun teacher to be around. She is not only my teacher, but she is also like a sister to me where we share our experiences. Therefore, I would like to thank my teacher, Teacher Sue Shen for helping me to progress throughout these years.

Eva Sea Wen Lin